Cat Articles

Learn important tips about cat and kitten care with our comprehensive collection of articles. Our Purina experts cover topics like behavior, feeding, health and more. Get valuable insights on training techniques, feeding schedules, exercise routines, grooming, and preventative care measures. Whether you're a new cat owner or a seasoned pro, our expert guidance can help you ensure your feline companions are happy and healthy at every stage of their lives. So why wait? Check out our variety of cat articles today!

How Many Litter Boxes Per Cat Do You Need?1-2 minutes
Why Cats Scratch, Dig & Play in Their Litter Box2-4 minutes
Cat Litter Box & Pregnancy2-4 minutes
Why is My Cat Laying in the Litter Box?2-4 minutes
Understanding Cat Asthma, Including the Best Cat Litter for Cats with Asthma2-4 minutes
How to Support Your Cat’s Microbiome & Gut Health2-4 minutes
Kitten Vaccinations: What Shots Your Kitten Needs2-4 minutes
Why is My Cat Meowing a Lot?2-4 minutes
New Kitten Checklist: What Does a Kitten Need?2-4 minutes
Why Do Cats Knead?2-4 minutes
Cat Spraying: Why Cats Spray & How to Control It2-4 minutes
FVRCP Vaccinations2-4 minutes
When Do Cats Go Into Heat?2-4 minutes
What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?2-4 minutes
Heat Stroke in Cats - Symptoms & Treatments2-4 minutes
Cat Socialization: Training Social Cats2-4 minutes