Why Do Cats Spray?

Tidy knows that cats take their territory seriously. And one of the ways cats mark their territory is by spraying. Unlike regular urination, cats (usually male and unneutered) spray by backing up to a surface and releasing smaller amounts of urine that leave their scent behind. Classy as it isn’t, this behavior goes back to your cat’s hunting days, when spraying was used to let another cat know that this area was taken and that prey might be scarce.

Assuming that your cat isn’t left to fend for herself when it comes to food, she may be feeling threatened or anxious about her space and wants to fill it with her own familiar scent. Doors and hallways are common targets for cats to mark, since they are typically busy areas occupied by other people or other cats.

Is your cat spraying objects, such as a suitcase? It’s probably not the thing she has an issue with—it’s the smell. Strange odors will sometimes cause kitty to mark the item with her own scent. Anxiety could be at play here, too.

Is kitty spraying your bed or laundry? You might want to reconsider the dynamic between you and your pet. Have you been away from the home a lot lately? Give her extra attention and love, and call the veterinarian to discuss your pet’s anxiety.


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