Understanding Cats

Explore expert tips to help you understand a range of cat behaviors, from purring and kneading to different meows and body language. These articles will help you decode your cat's behavior so you can better understand their wants and needs. Plus, we'll provide tips on how to correct any behavioral issues that may arise such as aggression, jumping on furniture, or destructive behavior. Whether you're a seasoned cat owner or a curious newbie, our goal is to help you build a strong and healthy relationship with your feline friend. 

Territorial Cat Behavior in Litter Boxes1-2 minutes
Can Cats Help Detect Seizures?1-2 minutes
Are Cats Good for Kids?2-4 minutes
Detecting Pet Emotions With Thermal Imaging1-2 minutes
What Does My Cat's Tail Movement Mean?2-4 minutes
Why is My Cat Meowing a Lot?2-4 minutes
Cat Anatomy & Physiology 1012-4 minutes
10 Fascinating Facts About Cats2-4 minutes
Cat Hunting Behaviors2-4 minutes
Understanding the Body Language of Your Cat2-4 minutes
Why Does Your Cat Chew on Everything?2-4 minutes
Funny Cat Behaviors Explained by Purina Cat Care Experts2-4 minutes
Why is My Cat Side Chewing?1-2 minutes
Why is My Cat Behaving Badly?2-4 minutes
Cat Years Calculator & Chart: Your Cat’s Age in Human Years2-4 minutes
Cat Spraying: Why Cats Spray & How to Control It2-4 minutes