Is Your Dog a Picky Eater?

Your dog is an important part of your life. And food is central to any life well lived.

This means mealtime isn’t about setting down a bowl of any old dog food. It’s about feeding exceptional nutrition, and paying attention to the small touches that reflect the love you have for your dog.

Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® is a complete nutritional platform with dry formulas, wet entrees, meal enhancements and dog treats that’s built for the taste, textures and aromas to be truly great. In short, SAVOR® is for those who want to feed the good life.

Here’s a look at all SAVOR® has to offer.


You can certainly find dog foods out there that emphasize flavor to tempt a picky eater. But most of the time, that comes at the expense of nutrition. But when you feed your dog a SAVOR® Shredded Blend, you don’t have to compromise on anything.

Purina® Pro Plan® nutrition is packed into tender savory shreds and crunchy protein-rich kibble to enhance the experience of eating. So if you have the pleasure of owning a dog that’s hard to please or you just want to spoil your dog rotten, any of our SAVOR® Shredded Blends are certain to become your new go-to choice.


Whether you make it a part of your daily routine, or reserve these for special occasions, our SAVOR® wet dog food combines quality ingredients formulated in a number of flavorful, nutrient-rich entrees with a taste dogs love. And while the food is always the focus, we pay attention to the practical side of caring for a dog. That’s why our Savory Meals come in a convenient, resealable tub.


additions Meal Enhancements

Like to mix things up for your dog without going to the effort of a complete transition to a new dry dog food? Purina® Pro Plan® additions lets you coat your dog’s dry kibble with a flavorful purée made with natural ingredients plus vitamins or prebiotic fiber. Try additions Beef & Carrot Puree, Chicken & Berries Puree, Chicken & Pumpkin Puree, or Beef & Garden Vegetable Puree to add antioxidants or prebiotic fiber plus more flavor  to your dog’s next feeding.


Want to reward your dog in style? Try our chewy treats that are made with real meat like chicken, salmon, turkey or lamb, and contain no added artificial colors or flavors. And all of our SAVOR® dog treats are proudly produced in our own facilities throughout the Midwest.


Try any of our SAVOR® formulas to serve outstanding taste and nutrition to your exceptional dog.

Need help picking the right dry formula for your unique dog? Use myPlan to get an expert recommendation for a perfect formula for your dog.

myPLAN from Purina® Pro Plan® takes things like, your dog’s age, breed size and activity level, as well as his or her preferences into consideration  to find just the right match.


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