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About Beyond Natural Pet Food

Beyond’s cat and dog food recipes feature real, recognizable ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. We are committed to crafting our recipes in a way that brings meaningful benefits to pets—while caring for the planet, too.

Nourish Your Pet, Embrace Your World

At Beyond Pet Food, we know that pets and planet are intricately connected. That’s why we aim to nourish both, with recipes that are good for pets and sourcing practices that are good for the planet.

Purposeful Ingredients

High-Quality Natural Ingredients

You won’t find corn, soy, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in our natural pet food. Just real, wholesome ingredients like wild-caught salmon and farm-raised beef—plus all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients pets need to thrive. 

Our nourishing recipes are designed by our nutritionists to support whole health and bring real benefits like digestive support, healthy energy, joint health, and immune support to your pet’s bowl. 

Purposeful Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing Practices

We know how ingredients are sourced matters. That’s why we bring you responsibly sourced options like USDA Organic pet food and recipes with MSC sustainably sourced fish.  

Check out our interactive Ingredient Source Map to trace the ingredients in some of our best-loved recipes back to our safe and trusted sources. 

Purposeful Crafting

Purposeful Crafting

We believe that how pet food is made is just as important as what it’s made of. We are committed to manufacturing practices that ensure our food meets our high standards for safety, quality and sustainability.  

To ensure every batch of Beyond is safe and nourishing for pets, our food passes thousands of quality and safety checks. And to ensure we’re doing right by the planet, 100% of our factories have achieved zero waste for disposal, and 80% of the electricity in our factories is renewable. 

Purposeful Actions

Meaningful Actions

A commitment to sustainability has always been part of Beyond’s DNA. And we know that when it comes to sustainability, partnering with trusted organizations on the ground is key.  

That’s why we have contributed $450,000 to date to support The Nature Conservancy in its mission to protect our oceans, fresh waters and land. Our ongoing partnership with The Nature Conservancy helps sustain the nourishing natural ingredients that people and pets need to thrive. 

Verified by Trusted 3rd Parties

We’re committed to natural ingredients that meet a high standard for responsible sourcing. That’s why we bring you pet food options verified by independent, 3rd party reviewers.

USDA Organic

USDA Organic

To grow the ingredients for our USDA Organic line, our organic farmers commit to protecting the earth’s natural resources by using no prohibited synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

msc certified petfood

MSC Certified

For our selection of Marine Stewardship Council certified recipes, we partner with responsible fishing operations to bring you seafood that meets international best practices for sustainability.

Non-GMO verified pet food

Verified Non-GMO

The Non-GMO Project is North America’s most rigorous verification for non-GMO food. With our select Non-GMO Project verified recipes, we make it simple to know exactly what’s in your pet’s food.