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Beyond. Feed with Purpose.

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By offering natural recipes with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Beyond makes it possible to confidently care for the pet you know best—while caring for the planet, too.

What We Stand For

At Beyond, our commitment to purpose infuses everything we do. We strive to bring purposeful ingredients, purposeful sourcing, purposeful combinations and purposeful actions to pet food—one bowl of Beyond at a time.




Beyond About Ingredients

Purposeful Ingredients

You won’t find corn, soy, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in our natural pet food. Just real, recognizable ingredients like wild-caught salmon, farm-raised beef and superfood pumpkin.

Our nourishing recipes are designed to bring real benefits like digestive support, healthy energy, joint health, and immune support to your pet’s bowl.

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Purposeful Sourcing

We know how ingredients are sourced matters. That’s why we bring you responsibly sourced options like USDA Organic pet food and recipes with MSC sustainably sourced fish.


Check out our interactive Ingredient Source Map to trace the ingredients in some of our best-loved recipes back to our safe and trusted sources.

Purposeful Combinations, beyond pet food

Purposeful Combinations

Beyond knows you’re the expert when it comes to your pet. That’s why we created a line of diverse recipes you can mix and match to address a variety of unique needs—like digestive and immune support.

Add extra protein to their meal, incorporate natural probiotics, or support immune health with real bone broth. After all, no one knows them like you.

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Purposeful Actions

A commitment to sustainability has always been part of Beyond’s DNA. We aim to bring nature’s best to your pet’s bowl while doing what’s best for the planet through responsible sourcing practices.

We also invest in partnerships and initiatives that protect the places where our nourishing natural ingredients grow. Through our partnership with The Nature Conservancy, we have contributed $300,000 to date to support their mission to protect our oceans, fresh waters and land.


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