How Can I Prevent Dog Diabetes?

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Dog Diabetes

What causes diabetes in dogs? What should you do if your dog has diabetes? Understanding this complex disease will help you get a head start on limiting your dog’s chances of getting it.

Understanding Dog Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin, the hormone that regulates how sugar is absorbed and used by cells and tissues in the body. It most often afflicts dogs between the ages of 5 and 7, and female dogs are more susceptible to it than males.

Know the Symptoms of Diabetes

Every dog is unique, and no one knows your dog better than you do. Keep an eye out for irregularities in your dog’s behavior if you suspect he may be at risk for diabetes.

Watch for:

  • Sudden extreme thirst.
  • A frequent and urgent need to urinate.
  • Notable exhaustion and lower than normal activity.
  • Obesity.

Consult Your Veterinarian

Have your veterinarian give your dog a thorough examination to determine whether or not he has diabetes, prediabetic symptoms, or a disposition for diabetes. Your vet can help you form a diet and exercise plan to maintain and improve your dog’s health, as well.

While there is no sure cure for diabetes, hopefully some of the information in this article can help you better understand it.


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