Dog Health: Parasites

Our comprehensive collection of articles on parasites in dogs covers everything you need to know about fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites. Our expert resources provide valuable insights on how to identify, prevent, and treat these common parasites, including the signs and symptoms of flea and tick bites and the dangers of heartworm disease. Discover the different types of treatments available, from topical solutions to natural remedies, and learn how to keep your dog safe and healthy with preventative measures. At Purina, we're committed to providing you with the latest information and expert advice on all aspects of dog care.

Ear Mites in Dogs: Symptoms & Treatment2-4 minutes
Ringworm in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments 2-4 minutes
Mange in Dogs: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment2-4 minutes
Lungworm in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment2-4 minutes
Ticks on Dogs: 7 Easy Steps for Removing Dog Ticks at Home2-4 minutes
Recognizing and Treating Dog Mites2-4 minutes
Worms in Dogs - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment2-4 minutes
What to Do if Your Dog is Stung by a Bee or a Wasp2-4 minutes
Identifying and Getting Rid of Fleas on Dogs2-4 minutes