Jack Russel Hurdle Racing

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A group of jack russell terriers jumping over a wall

The Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® is one of the most exciting dog competitions around, giving canine athletes the opportunity to show the world what makes them so incredible. The dog events include Freestyle Flying Disc, Surf Dog, Fetch It, Diving Dog, Agility and 30 Weave Up and Back. But the fastest event of the day is the Jack Russell Hurdle Race that features the energetic and feisty Jack Russell Terrier.

Speed and laser-focus keep these quick and agile Jack Russell Terriers on course for victory as they race, chasing a lure, jumping three obstacles and finishing through a narrow foam tunnel.

Jack Russell Hurdle Races Basics

Sometimes, it’s all about being the fastest thing on four (short) legs. And this dog event doesn’t disappoint. Jack Russell Hurdle Racing tests the running and jumping prowess of some of the feistiest dogs out there.

How it Works

Jack Russell Terriers are small, robust dogs with a confident personality that are bred to go to the ground to hunt vermin. The breed is typically curious, playful and very active, requiring plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.  These dogs are extremely excited to race the course when given the lure to chase. Don’t blink or you might miss the speedy competitors.

The hurdle race course at the Incredible Dog Challenge is a straight shot from a starting line to a “finish pad” that has a small gate that allows only one dog through at a time. Between the start and finish, dogs must leap over three equally spaced hurdles while chasing a lure. The terriers race to a narrow foam tunnel that only allows one dog in at a time. The entire course spans 140-150 feet in length.

Jack Russell Terrier competitors wear muzzles (for the safety of all dogs involved) and a colored collar to help identify the winner from the near identical competitors.

At the Incredible Dog Challenge, the hurdle race is run in heats. Each heat contains six Jack Russell Terriers. The dog who can sprint and clear all three hurdles and make it into the finish pad the fastest advances to the next level of competition.

How to Win

The Jack Russell Terriers compete in separate heats with the top two dogs advancing to the final heat. The fastest dog to complete the course in the final heat will be crowned the winner of the speediest event of the Incredible Dog Challenge.

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