Incredible Weave

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A dog running through weave poles at the incredible dog challenge

The Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® is one of the most popular dog competitions that gives incredible dogs a stage to showcase their amazing athletic abilities. Events include Freestyle Flying Disc, Surf Dog, Fetch It, Diving Dog, Jack Russell Hurdle Racing, Agility and Incredible Weave.

The Incredible Weave is one of the most challenging events at the Incredible Dog Challenge. Speed, dexterity and focus are key in this lightning-fast race that sends dogs darting through a weave pole course as fast as they can without missing a pole.

Incredible Weave Basics

An Incredible Weave course consists of 24 agility weave poles with a turnaround component on one end. 

Dogs must weave through the poles, make a perfect turn at the end and then weave through the poles again – without skipping one.

It takes coordination, skill and focus to be successful in this Incredible Dog Challenge event.

The weave pole is also an element of the dog Agility course.

How it Works

Each competitor will race down the course, weaving through the agility weave poles. If a pole is missed, the dog must go back and re-enter the course at that point as directed by the judges. 

At the end of the course, dogs must make a perfect turn through the turn-around tunnel. He may enter the tunnel at either end.

Then, the dogs must weave back through the poles to the finish line. 

Handlers may use toys or treats to hold their dog’s attention and motivate them through the course.

There is no size division in the Incredible Weave event, and it’s not uncommon to see a small dog racing a larger dog. Breed size does play a role in weave strategy.

How to Win

At the Incredible Dog Challenge, the competition format is single-elimination, in a tournament or “ladder bracket,” meaning the first dog to cross the finish line wins the heat and moves up the ladder towards the finals. The other dog is eliminated.

Prior to the final race, there is a consolation round to determine 3rd and 4th place.

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