The Safety of Your Pets Comes First

The Safety Of Your Pets Comes First

At Purina, we go to great lengths to be an industry leader in quality and safety standards. We have experts. We have advanced technology. We run thousands of quality checks in a typical production day. That’s our pledge to you.  

Watch the videos below to find out what it takes.

We’re better together. We employ over 500 experts across the world. Nutritionists. Behaviorists. Veterinarians. Immunologists. The list goes on because the work covers so many areas of pet health, including happiness and physical fitness. And by working with our industry-leading research team, we can keep developing break through innovations that are accessible to pets everywhere. Now, breeeaaathe.

We’re finding new ways to make sure your pets get the best. We’ve uniquely optimized technology to screen ingredients before they ever enter our factories. But what’s even more awesome is that our process has been so successful, it can be shared with others in the industry. Because we’re all about making your pet’s life safer.

We follow our food every step of the way. This is where size matters. We’re able to track our ingredients from the source to the store. Our factories meet USDA and FDA standards and, in a typical production day, we conduct 100,000+ quality checks involving ingredient & packaging, receiving, processing and packing! Your pets deserve nothing less. 

So, yeah, we think our safety and quality assurance standards are pretty exciting stuff. And we’ll continue to work hard so your pets can have the very best food to live the very best lives. 

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