Is My Puppy Supposed to Shed?

Puppy Shedding

Short answer: Yes. Now let’s shed further light on puppy shedding.

Like most things related to dogs, hair growth and shedding depends a lot on the breed of your puppy.

Surprising fact: Even "non-shedding" breeds shed a little. Non-shedding pups will grow their hair for long periods of time, years even, before they lose their hair- that is, once they lose their puppy coat.

In general, most puppies will go through seasonal shedding in the spring and fall.

You might think temperature changes cause the shedding, but it’s actually exposure to light. More light exposure means more hair loss. So, if you have a mostly indoor dog, expect the artificial light to cause some more shedding.

What You Can Do To Avoid the Hair

  • Make brushing your pup a habit. This will really help if you have a dog with long hair or naturally sheds often.
  • Use a slicker or pin brush. These get down deep into your puppy’s coat and will help remove a lot of the shedding hair.
  • Take your puppy outside. You’ll be surprised how much hair will blow away. You can also take him to a room that can easily be vacuumed to remove hair with a shedding blade. (Click here to learn ways to exercise and play with your puppy.)

What about Excessive Shedding?

Too much shedding is a bad thing and might be a sign your pup has a health condition.

So, if you see him shedding more than normal, or if bald spots appear, talk to your vet right away.


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