2014 National Dog Show Winner: Nathan the Bloodhound

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Who’s the best dog in the land? Based on the winner of the 2014 National Dog Show Presented by Purina, it’s a Bloodhound named GCH Flessner's International S'Cess, otherwise known as “Nathan.” We’ve got all the facts you need to know about this Best in Show champion.

  1. This hound is no stranger to winning. In fact, “Nathan” is currently the No. 1 Bloodhound, No. 1 Hound and No. 10 dog in the country. At just 4 years of age, he’s earned 22 Bests In Show and 78 Hound Group Firsts. He’s also a two-time American Bloodhound Club National Specialty Best of Breed and Top Twenty winner, having won both events in 2013 and 2014. His trophy shelf must be full!
  2. Nathan has a Mantrailer title, which recognizes a hound’s ability to trail a person by following his or her scent. A champion dog and a working dog too!
  3. This Bloodhound’s breeder, Heather Helmer, is also his owner and handler. She attributes his success to his “beautiful breed type and smooth, free-moving gait.” He was, after all, sired by the No. 1 Bloodhound in 2010.
  4. What’s Nathan’s food of choice? He is powered by Purina® Pro Plan® SPORT® All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Formula, which delivers nutrition that performs.
  5. This breed is known for its keen ability to track scent, and they’re often used by police teams and search-and-rescue teams. Eager to know more about this breed? Learn more here.

Congratulations Nathan! We hope you go on to win many more titles.

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