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  • Hiking is a great way to treat your canine companion to a dog adventure. It’s also an enjoyable way to work out with your dog. Take to the trail safely with these tips.
  • Ready to share in some canine fitness activities with your senior dog? Here are some tips to help you get active—and stay safe—with your older pet.
  • Recognizing if your cat is pregnant and knowing what to do at each pregnancy stage can be tricky. Visit Purina to learn about the signs, gestation period, and more.
  • Dogs’ ears may need to be cleaned regularly to help prevent debris buildup and ear infections. Cleaning frequency depends on factors like breed and activities. Find out how to clean your dog’s ears from home here.
  • Ear mites in dogs are uncomfortable, itchy and contagious. Recognizing the symptoms of ear mites and prompt treatment can make your dog more comfortable. Learn more about symptoms of ear mites in dogs and how they’re treated here.
  • As we’re spending time at home, some pet grooming services aren’t available. Here are practices you can try at home to keep your dog feeling his best.
  • Don’t just assume your dog’s ears itch if he scratches them frequently. It may be a sign of a painful infection. Contact your veterinarian if you notice any of the following changes: ear discharge, a strange odor and head shaking.
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