Senior Dog Articles

As your dog ages, their health needs and behavior may change. Our experts have put together informative articles that will help you understand your senior dog's unique needs. Read about nutrition, exercise, mobility, and cognitive functioning of senior dogs. We also offer insights into how to recognize signs of age-related illnesses and when to seek veterinary care. Our articles are designed to help you keep your aging dog happy and healthy throughout their golden years.

Dog Dementia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments2-4 minutes
What Dog Foods Are Best for My Senior Dog?1-2 minutes
Canine Fitness for Senior Dogs2-4 minutes
Senior Dog Activities to Keep Your Older Dog Healthy & Happy1-2 minutes
Does Your Dog Have Age-Related Cognitive Decline?2-4 minutes
When to Switch to Senior Dog Food2-4 minutes
What You Should Know About Senior Dog Care2-4 minutes
When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?2-4 minutes
An Innovation for Senior Dogs2-4 minutes
Benefits of Senior Dog Food2-4 minutes
How a 10 Year Old Senior Dog Gets to Play Soccer Again1-2 minutes
What to Feed Older Dogs: When to Consider Senior Dog Food2-4 minutes
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, or Dog Dementia, Explained1-2 minutes
How MCTs Helped One Purina Scientist’s Dog1-2 minutes
Should You Give Your Senior Dog Supplements? 2-4 minutes
Cherry Eye in Dogs2-4 minutes