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Certified Organic. More Than a Claim, It’s a Promise.

We know that how ingredients are grown and raised matters. That’s why Beyond Organic is reviewed by independent, USDA-Accredited Experts who ensure every recipe meets USDA National Organic Program Regulations.

The USDA Organic Seal Promises…

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High Standards

Our Beyond Certified Organic dog and cat food recipes meet the same strict USDA organic standards as food intended for human consumption.

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Responsible Sourcing

Per USDA standards, Beyond Organic ingredients are grown responsibly with no prohibited synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

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Purposeful Ingredients

Our number one ingredient is USDA organic, free-range chicken raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

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How It’s Made Matters

To protect the earth’s natural resources and biodiversity, our organic farmers are committed to using no prohibited synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. In addition, their chickens are raised only on organic feed and have access to the outdoors, where they can roam and forage in the fresh air and sunshine.

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