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We go Beyond® because your dog is worth it. That means always seeking new forms and flavors to create natural dog food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Whether you’re looking for grain free varieties or Non-GMO recipes, look Beyond to nourish your dog the way nature intended.


Beyond natural dog food

Nature knows food and Beyond knows dogs. That's why, at Beyond, our in-house pet nutritionists use their knowledge of natural ingredients to ensure quality natural dog foods that earn your trust every day.

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Take it from Nature: Go Beyond®

Browse and find which natural dog food is right for your dog.

No nonsense allowed. Just honest high-quality dog food.

Real, recognizable ingredients mean zero compromises.

Show your dog love with thoughtfully crafted treats.

Back to basics, protein-rich approach to support your dog's health.

You deserve an informed choice. So we let the Non-GMO Project in to keep any ounce of doubt out.

High-quality, natural nutrition and essential nutrients to help support your dog's lifelong health.

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Crafted in the USA
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Traceability Guaranteed
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Our Simple Origins Line Is Non-GMO Project Verified



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  • 5/5
Happy Healthy Dog

I am all about giving my dog, a 1 year old golden retriever, all natural and healthy food and treats. The ingredients in this food surpass the foods I had previously been buying at specialty pet stores for a lot more money.

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Beyond Takes Natural Dog Food Further

With so many options, choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming. And, when everyone is making the same claims about natural, it can be difficult to distinguish between brands. Truth be told, many pet food companies use a lot of similar ingredients. That’s why we go Beyond, to guarantee that from the first five to the last five, every single one of our high-quality ingredients come from trusted sources.



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What’s Never in Beyond Natural Pet Food
  • NO corn, wheat or soy

  • NO poultry by-product meal

  • NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

What It Means to Go Beyond
  • TRACEABLE: Each ingredient can be traced back to our trusted sources

  • QUALITY CONTROLLED: At every place our product is made

  • TRANSPARENT: Discover our sources from around the world

  • VERIFIED: 3rd party verification for our Non-GMO Simple Origins

  • ACCOUNTABLE: Our promise on every bag

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Make the Switch

You can trust that every recipe is backed by our in-house pet nutritionists and a traceability guarantee that traces every ingredient back to our trusted sources.

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Made Right. Beyond a Doubt.

Responsible sourcing is second nature at Beyond. Every ingredient. Every dog food recipe. Every batch and bite. Why? Because we wouldn’t expect you and your dog to settle for anything less.

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