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If you’re looking for a natural pet food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients, look Beyond. Our natural ingredients are carefully sourced. Our quality and safety measures are never left to chance. And when it comes to natural nutrition, we never compromise.


Beyond isn't just our name, it's our philosophy and commitment. We offer pet food, thoughtfully derived from nature and go beyond by finding trusted sources, to help support a vibrant life of wellness for your dog or cat. Every ingredient, every recipe, every batch and bite.

Natural Dog & Cat Food Done Right
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Our Ingredients

When we say every ingredient has a purpose, we mean it. Every ingredient in our recipes is honestly sourced and carefully selected to deliver nutrients your pet needs, naturally.

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Make the Switch

You can trust that every recipe is backed by our in-house pet nutritionists and a traceability guarantee that traces every ingredient back to our trusted sources.

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  • 5/5
She Loves This Dog Food

This is the only dog food that my dog will eat. We have been trying all kinds until we found this one. Will never buy anything else. Thank you for making it.

Loyal pet owner from Godwin, NC
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  • 5/5
Your cat will love, love, love this!

My cats love Purina Beyond in both wet and dry, and I feel good giving it to them knowing that it contains high quality ingredients…

LilCProductions, Washington, DC
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