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Purina® Cat Chow® proudly offers a variety of formulas because we recognize how important it is to find the right nutrition for different lifestyles, needs and tastes. And even with so much variety, we make sure our formulas provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition for each life stage with a taste cats love. How do you find nutrition just right for your cat? The Chow is How. 

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10 fascinating facts about cats
In terms of development, the first year of a cat’s life is equal to the first 15 years of a human life. After its second year, a cat is 25 in human years. And after that, each year of a cat’s life is equal to about 7 human years. and more!
What to expect when you're expecting kittens

Help your cat during her pregnancy.

Your pregnant cat will benefit from your care to have a safe, healthy pregnancy. Plan to provide her with support before the kittens arrive, then prepare to give her plenty of family time after they’re born.

Meowing is not part of natural cat language, it was developed almost exclusively for humans. Find out the answer to why do cats meow to people here.
Cat Eating Grass

Find out the dietary benefits from grass.                       

Which Cat Chow is Right for Your Cat?

Cat Chow has thoughtfully-crafted formulas for all
kinds of cats. Find the one that’s best for yours.

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See the full line of Cat Chow formulas made with high-quality nutrition and a taste cats love.

Grain Free is Here

Give your adult cat all the taste she loves and none of the grains.

Cat Chow Home Review Complete
  • 5/5
Joey’s Favorite

My guy is a rescue who celebrated his first birthday with, what else, a generous helping of Purina Cat Chow Complete. His day…

Cat Chow Home Review Indoor
  • 5/5
Great Product!

Our cats love Purina Cat Chow. They have been eating it since they were babies. We have one old lady cat and one who is…

Cat Chow Home Review Grain Free
  • 5/5
Grain Free Naturals is Great!

I have 6 adult cats and a kitten. I let them try this grain free cat food and it was very well received. I am looking to switch over after I use up…


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