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For over 50 years, Purina Cat Chow has been helping cats feel at home with great-tasting, trusted nutrition that’s tailored just for them. 

Three Reasons to Love Cat Chow


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Trusted Nutrition

Backed by scientists, nutritionists and veterinarians, every bag of Cat Chow is full of nutrients like real protein, essential vitamins and minerals, healthy carbohydrates and omega-6 fatty acids. For more than 50 years, Cat Chow has provided complete and balanced nutrition with a taste cats love. 


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Outstanding Taste

Every Cat Chow formula is made with high-quality ingredients, including real, delicious chicken. By balancing great nutrition with a taste cats love, we’re helping your cat live a happy, healthy life by your side.  


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Nutrition isn’t one kind fits all. That’s why our formulas are tailored for different needs, life stages and tastes. From nutrients like those found in mother’s milk to antioxidants that support immune health, Cat Chow has everything your cat needs to thrive.  


Where to Find Cat Chow

Shop our delicious, high-quality recipes at these retailers. 


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Cat Chow Supports Therapy Cats & Seniors

Cat Chow has always been a believer in the emotional and therapeutic benefits of cats. Which Is why we’re committed to helping make therapy cats more accessible to persons in need.  

Trusted Nutrition Speaks for Itself

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