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The 60 Years, 60 Stories Contest

As a way to say thank you to all the cat owners who have trusted Cat Chow to nourish their cats over the past 60 years, we went in search of stories that show how cats impact the families who love them. We were overwhelmed by the stories you submitted. Many were hilarious. Others were heartfelt. Some were both. But all captured the love people feel for their furry friends.

Here are just a few that you’ll find in our book 60 Years, 60 Stories: Celebrating the Extraordinary Impact of Cats launching the week of December 4, 2023. Presale to order the book begins on October 31st, 2023.

From 10/31/23 through 12/31/23, Purina will donate $15.00 for every book sold (up to 1,250 books), with 100% of proceeds going to Pet Partners.

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We found her at a shelter
With a tiny little eye
She was just so cute that I couldn’t say goodbye
They said her eye was hurt and she maybe couldn’t see
But I told them, “Whatever, that doesn’t bother me”
I took her home and hugged her and
named her little Mew
She runs, plays and jumps
but gives cuddles a lot, too
She teaches me that it's okay to not always fit in
And I am just so lucky to have such a special kitten
— Ira
Orlando, FL

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I never knew something so small could bring such abundant joy to life until I met my sweet Ophelia. On the day I first laid eyes on her, a kind shelter worker waived her adoption fee since she and I seemed like a “good match” — I send my gratitude to her every day for unifying us. This past year together has been grueling — from starting a demanding graduate program to enduring a heavy loss. I don't know how I would have made it through these past few months without Ophelia purring me to sleep each night, a steady reminder that her love is enough to get me through “just one more day.” My Ophelia is the light of my life — as soft as the morning sunrise — and I truly believe that we were destined to be soulmates in this life and all others. 
— Hailey 
Nashville, TN 

Story 3


A year after being picked up off the street he’s now visiting people that need him the most. Rorschach is a special cat with a unique coat like an inkblot, hence his unique name. He provides love. Not only is he therapy for my husband and me, but for many. He’s a registered therapy cat. He visits people at assisted living homes and many other facilities. He loves visiting the residents and making them smile. He stops and says hello to the residents; purring, giving high fives and cuddling. One quiet visit he laid on a resident’s lap, kneading and purring. When we left, the resident said, “I miss having cats since living here, he brightened my day.” He knows who needs love. Pictured is a collage of drawings of him made by a few people he has impacted. 
— Paige 
Columbia, IL 

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