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How does the Cat Chow® MyPerks program work?

MyPerks rewards you for all the things you already do to help build a better life for you and your cat. Earn points for everyday activities like staying active on our website or through purchasing Cat Chow® products. You can redeem those points for exclusive rewards as a thank you for being an amazing Cat Person.

Is there a membership fee?

No! Cat Chow MyPerks is a free program designed to reward our loyal customers.

Can I transfer my points to another member?

Nope—we’ve got to keep things fair and simple, so those points are yours and yours alone.

What are the terms and conditions of the Cat Chow® MyPerks rewards program?

Please CLICK HERE for the full list of terms and conditions.

How do I log into my MyPerks account?

Visit the login page here. If you’re a new member, click the button that says SIGN UP NOW. If you’re already a MyPerks member, click “Log in” and follow the prompts.

How do I log out of my MyPerks account?

Once you’ve logged into your MyPerks account, you can log out by using one of two ways.

  1. Click MYPERKS within the sub-navigation bar. Below your point total, you’ll see a link to LOG OUT. Click the link to securely leave the site.
  2. Click MY ACCOUNT within the sub-navigation bar. Below your point total, you’ll see a link to LOG OUT. Click the link to securely leave the site.

I received a notice that I have to update my password. Why?

In recent months, we revamped the MyPerks program and website to bring you an even better loyalty program. With these changes, member accounts of the previous program were migrated to a new system. To start fresh, we’re requiring members to update their passwords.

I received a notice that I need to update my password within 90 days. Why? What happens if I don’t update it?

We recently gave the MyPerks loyalty program and website a refresh to deliver a better overall experience for our Cat Chow community. With that, we migrated all member accounts to a new system which requires members to update their passwords before September 17, 2020. Unfortunately, if a member doesn’t log in to update their password by this date, the account will be deactivated, and points will be lost.


How do I start earning points?

You can earn points by uploading valid receipts for Cat Chow product purchases. Points can also be earned through various engagement activities that will change throughout the year.

How are points calculated?

Upon successful receipt upload, members earn 3 points for every $1 spent on Cat Chow products. Members can also earn various points through completing activities.

Can I earn points for online purchases?

Yes! After making your purchase, log in and upload a photo of your full order summary to the receipt scanner.

Example order summary:

MyPerks FAQ Purina Order Summary Sample

How do I earn points for in-store purchases?

To get points for in-store purchases, log in and upload a photo of your full receipt using the receipt scanner.

How do I upload my receipts to earn points for Cat Chow® purchases?

Log into your MyPerks account and navigate to the receipt scanner located on the homepage. Photos of receipts should be flat, from top-down, not angled or slanted, unmarked, not blurred or wrinkled, without glares and on a solid background. If receipt is long, it can be folded so that it still includes Cat Chow® products, store, date/time and purchase total.

Do my points ever expire?

Yes, any points you have earned through activities or purchases will expire if your account is inactive (i.e. you do not log into your account for 365 days).

Is there a limit on how many points I can accumulate?

Restrictions vary by activity. For purchases, members will receive 3 points for every $1 spent up to $67 per calendar month.

Which products earn MyPerks points?

All Purina® Cat Chow® formulas, including Cat Chow® Complete, Cat Chow® Gentle, Cat Chow® Indoor, Cat Chow® Naturals Grain Free, Cat Chow® Naturals Original, Cat Chow® Naturals Indoor, Kitten Chow® and Kitten Chow® Naturals.

Can I get points for purchases made before joining MyPerks?

No. To keep things fair we do not offer points for purchases made before joining the program.


What activities are available?

There are a variety of point acceleration opportunities such as leaving a review, referring a friend or completing surveys. We frequently add new ways to engage in activities so be sure to check out the activities page as some opportunities may have changed!

How many points can I earn for completing activities?

Point values vary for each individual activity. Check out the activities page to view available opportunities and corresponding point values.

Are there limitations on how many times I can complete an activity?

Yes, restrictions vary by engagement activity.


How do I redeem my points for a reward?

Once you have accumulated enough points for the item you want, login and visit our rewards page and then click "Redeem". Follow the checkout instructions. We’ll send you a confirmation email so you know your reward is on the way. Some digital rewards are available for immediate download, but physical rewards may take from 3 to 6 weeks to arrive. In the event we need to provide you with further instructions, you will receive a separate email from us.

How many rewards can I redeem at once?

You may redeem one reward at a time. Some rewards may be limited to a certain number of redemptions per user, so please read the additional information located within each reward detail page.

Once you redeem a reward, be sure you head back to the rewards page to see what other exclusive items and experiences are available to you!

Can I return or exchange a reward I redeemed?

We don’t accept returns at this time, so make sure you take your time when selecting and redeeming your rewards—once it’s yours, it’s yours!


What are the benefits of each tier?

MyPerks includes four tiers. All members will automatically be enrolled in the Blue Tier. As you submit valid receipts from Cat Chow purchases, you can reach new tiers (Silver, Gold and Platinum) that offer different benefits.

As you move up the tier system, you’ll also be able to accrue points more quickly. Keep in mind, even though you can earn points by completing activities and submitting valid receipts, only dollars spent on Cat Chow products will count towards moving up in the tier system upon successful receipt submission.


Annual Spend: $0 - $50.99 $51.00 - $149.99 $150.00 - $249.99 $250.00 +
Earn points faster from Cat Chow purchases (point/$) 1x Points 1x Points 1.25x Points 1.5x Points
Tier welcome gift 25 Points 50 Points 75 Points 100 Points
MyPerks sign up
anniversary gift
10 Points 10 Points 10 Points 10 Points
Unlock more rewards options No Yes Yes Yes
Access to exclusive
offers and samples
No Yes Yes Yes
Access to exclusive experiential rewards No No Yes Yes
Surprise gift No No No Yes

How do I get to a higher tier?

Tiers are based on purchases made within the calendar year. Engagement activities do not count towards tier status.

Does my tier status ever expire?

Tier status qualification is based on the calendar year. Once a tier is reached, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of that tier for the remainder of that year plus the next calendar year. During that time, you will need to continue making Cat Chow purchases and uploading valid receipts in order to keep or elevate your tier status.