Korat Cat Breed

Medium, with males ranging from 8 to 10 pounds and females weighing from 6 to 8 pounds
Short, glossy, fine

A rare Thai breed, the Korat is an affectionate constant companion that is gentle and good with children. Though this cat has an action-packed personality, the Korat moves slowly and cautiously and does not like sudden, loud noises. The breed is said to have extraordinary powers of hearing, scent and sight. The Korat’s silver-tipped blue coat, described in Thailand as rain-cloud gray, has a shimmering effect.

Did you know? Discovered in the Korat province of Thailand, the Korat has been cherished in her native Thailand for centuries as a symbol of good fortune. The expressive, oversized eyes of the Korat have an intense gaze that is said to take one’s breath away. The eyes are blue at birth but change to amber with green around the pupil during adolescence and then luminous green in two to four years.