Pet Food for Federal Employees Affected by Government Shutdown

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The ongoing government shutdown has affected federal employees and their families across the nation. The financial hardship so many are experiencing has far-reaching ramifications, especially for pet owners.

Purina wants to help ensure the four-legged family members of federal employees remain with their families and stay fed and healthy during this difficult time.

Pet Food & Litter Donations to Our Pet Welfare Partners

Many of our pet welfare partners have seen an influx in requests for pet food assistance in their communities as the government shutdown continues.

Purina is offering donations of Purina ONE dry dog and cat food and Tidy Cats litter to our 47 Purina Shelter Champion partners* across the nation.

In addition, we’ve made donations to our national pet food distribution partner, Rescue Bank, and to the Humane Rescue Alliance Pet Pantry program in Washington, D.C.

We hope this donation allows our partners to better support pet owners in their communities and ultimately helps keep people and pets together.

How to Get Pet Food & Litter during Government Shutdown

If you or someone you know is a federal employee in need of food or litter for their pet(s), please contact your nearest Purina Shelter Champion (see the list below for current participating shelters). You can ask about the resources available for your area and any requirements they have.

If there isn’t a participating shelter near you, we urge you to contact shelters and food banks who are not a Purina partner. Many are still offering pet food assistance to federal employees during the government shutdown.

Shelters who are not currently Purina partners can apply for a one-time pet food and litter donation. Learn more about applying for support here.

Participating Pet Welfare Partners

Of our 47 Purina Shelter Champion partners, the following organizations have submitted requests for pet food and litter donations during the government shutdown.

We will update this list as more shelters join in our efforts to offer assistance to federal employees and their pets.

Purina Shelter Champion Partners

Rescue Bank Affiliates

Humane Rescue Alliance

Our goal is to provide assistance to as many federal employees and their pets as possible. For this reason, we’re offering pet food and litter to our selected partners and those who apply for assistance.

These shelters and pet welfare organizations are some of the largest in the country and have the capacity to store large quantities of pet food and litter.

Learn more about how Purina supports communities in need to help keep people and pets together.

*See a map of our 47 Purina Shelter Champions here.



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