Cesky Terrier

  • Size

  • Height

    10 to 13 inches at the withers
  • Weight

    16 to 22 lbs.
  • Coat

  • Color

    Any shade of gray from charcoal to platinum; may have white, brown, black and/or yellow markings
  • Energy

  • Activities

    Agility, Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking
  • Indoor/Outdoor


Keen and alert with a balanced temperament, the Cesky Terrier is a pack hunter developed in the Czech Republic. This well-muscled, short-legged breed is a loyal, loving family companion but needs continued socialization due to his reserved nature with strangers. Though not as excitable as other terriers, the Cesky still will chase something of interest. The breed requires regular exercise, and his fine coat needs moderate grooming with monthly clippings.

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