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Love is in the Details

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Get A Taste Of The #1 Wet Cat Food Brand In The USA*

No one loves your cat like you do – and no one loves helping you find ways to delight your cat like Fancy Feast.
As the #1 gourmet cat food brand*, Fancy Feast is known for creating and crafting unique
taste experiences again and again.

*Source: 2023 $ Share of Wet Cat in Combined Nielsen AOC + Pet Retail + ECOM + VET L52 weeks ending 1/7/23.

Crafted with love since 1982

Crafted With 40 Years Of Love

Delicious tastes. Irresistible textures. Fancy Feast has been setting the standard in gourmet cat food since 1982.

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More Than 100 Irresistible Recipes

Smooth paté. Impeccable single-serve entrées. Delightfully crunchy morsels. Delicate broths. There’s a plate to please any palate.

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High Quality In Every Detail

Real seafood, poultry and beef. Aged cheddar. A touch of milk. Fancy Feast knows what cats crave.

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