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The Cuddle Decoder

While we believe mealtime is the ultimate bonding experience, you can use our Cuddle Decoder to understand all the ways your signifi-cat other shows their affection. 

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The Leg Warmer

It`s not just stylish feline footwear – when your cat nuzzles your legs, they`re mirroring the way cats naturally use close contact as a form of showing affection. 

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The No-Boundaries Bestie

This in-your-space affection is an incredible compliment, because cats only share their personal space with people they`ve bonded with. 

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The Playful Paramour

Engaging in playful pouncing, hide and seek, and other fun with your cat is a great way to not only provide mental stimulation, but also strengthen your relationship. 

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The Near & Dear

Even if your cat isn`t cuddling right next to you, just being in your presence shows they trust you and are comfortable around you. One sign to look for to see if your cat is feeling calm and relaxed is the "slow blink." If you notice your cat slow-blinking at you, offer a slow blink back! 

Our Cuddle Decoder guide was developed utilizing the insights and expertise of our in-house Pet Behavior Scientist, Dr. Annie Valuska. 

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Snuggle Up And Share

Whether your cat is a Leg Warmer or a Playful Paramour, we want to see how you cuddle up and show your love. Tag us on social or use #MyFancyCat. 

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