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Fete du Feline by Purina Fancy Feast

A Celebration To Savor All Year

Thank you all for helping us celebrate our Fête du Feline event in person, at home or on social! And even though International Cat Day has come and gone, we still have plenty of ways to celebrate your feline all year.

International Cat Day

Recipe Book

Try an impeccable sampling of Fancy Feast-inspired dishes for humans at home with our Fête du Feline Recipe Book. Each recipe was thoughtfully crafted by Chef Amanda Hassner, the in-house culinary expert for Fancy Feast.

Two cell phones, one with a cat and one with a woman, using the Fancy Feast Filter

Show Off Your Love With Our Filter

With two delightful ways to show us your devotion to your cat, our special Fancy Feast Filter makes every day International Cat Day.

A collage of people and their cats using photos taken at fete du feline

Share With Us!

Whether you served up our sensational Fête du Feline recipes, snapped pictures at our event, or showed off your feline with our social filter, share how you celebrated International Cat Day!

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