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Our Commitment to Delicious, High-Quality Cat Food

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Simple Difference.
Same Delight.

We’re excited to announce that many of our recipes will be crafted without artificial preservatives or colors.  

It’s all part of our commitment to providing dishes that are carefully crafted, high quality, and worthy of serving to the cat you love. Because for Fancy Feast, Love is in the Details® is more than just a saying–it’s something we take to heart with every recipe we make.

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What Your Cat Will Enjoy 

Delicious, gourmet entrées crafted with high-quality ingredients, no artificial preservatives or colors, 100% complete and balanced nutrition, and the love and care you expect from Fancy Feast. 

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What You May Notice

Some variations in the appearance of your cat’s food as we make these exciting updates to our delicious recipes. 

Delicious Debuts Are Coming!

Because you’re members of the Fancy Feast family, we wanted to give you advanced notice of when you can start expecting to see our no artificial preservatives and colors recipes on shelves.  


Because we work to ensure our recipes meet our standards and your expectations, dates and availability may change.  


fancy feast grilled changes


Fall 2022 

fancy feast classic pate changes

Classic Paté

Early 2023 

fancy feast gravy lovers changes

Gravy Lovers

Spring 2023 

fancy feast flaked changes


Spring 2023 

fancy feast chunky changes


Summer 2023 

fancy feast sliced changes


Summer 2023 

fancy feast kitten senior changes

Kitten & Senior

Summer 2023 

fancy feast delights cheddar

Delights With Cheddar

Fall 2023 

Committed to Answering Your Questions

As always, we’re here to answer any of your questions or concerns.