Friskies cat food products flat laid on a purple to orange gradient background
Purina Friskies

Rolling Out Meow: NO Artificial Colors or Preservatives Wet Cat Food

Friskies can with burst: NO Artificial Colors or Preservatives, cat reaching for food

We’re Removing Artificial Colors & Preservatives!

Starting this spring through the end of the year, all Friskies wet cat food varieties are getting a glow up! New packaging highlights that these are now artificial color and preservative free cat foods—with all the a-MEOW-zing taste your cats know and love! 

Friskies Cat Food new packaging

Watch for New Packaging!

These artificial color and preservative free cat food varieties will start hitting shelves this spring in their fancy new packaging. Look for them in this order: 

Extra Gravy Paté, Shreds 

Meaty Bits, Mixed Variety Packs (Without Paté), Prime Filets, Paté, Indoor, Extra Gravy Chunky 

Tasty Treasures, Remaining Mixed Variety Packs (With Paté) 

Friskies cat food, what to expect

What to Expect

Removing artificial colors may change the appearance of some varieties, while others may not change much at all. Don’t worry, though, we’re just as committed to taste as your cats are, so they’re as yummy as ever. Just look for the new packaging with the seal shown above to know when your cat’s favorite Friskies is updated.

Photo of wet cat food on plate with ingredients bursting out from behind the plate

A Purrfect Mix

You want the purrfect mix of taste and nutrition to keep your cats happy and healthy—and so do we! That’s why we worked hard to remove artificial colors and preservatives, while keeping all the high-quality wet cat food ingredients and taste you and your cat expect from Friskies. 

Questions? See FAQs below, or contact us! 


Friskies recently began removing artificial colors from Friskies mainline wet formulas. This may make the product appear different in color than before.

We are always listening to cat owners, and we understand that many now prefer to feed a cat food that does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

Absolutely! Friskies formulas are thoughtfully crafted to be fed with confidence.