We Make Sure Quality
Is The #1 Ingredient.

When it comes to industry standards, we’re overachievers because we believe your pets deserve the best. That’s why we meet or exceed every federal and state requirement. How so? For starters, we’ve developed a system that lets us track the ingredients in your pet’s food through every step of the manufacturing process. Some may call it demanding, but we know you’ll call it right. Because safety is our promise to you.

How a Product Gets from Farm to Dish

Discover how our high quality standards travel the entire journey.

“We can choose to do what’s easy and cheap, or we can choose what we actually do, which is put high-quality ingredients and the best people and the best processes together to make what we feel is the best product for our consumers.”
- Dan, Plant Operations

Our Approach to Quality Assurance

We have four main values that guide us:

Our People Are The Real Difference

High quality starts with having the best people on your team. We have dozens of experts working every day to make sure our methods are state-of-the-art. And we invest serious time and effort into training all employees in our factories. These passionate, hardworking people are taught what it takes to make your pet’s food as safe as possible – from the moment we first see the ingredient to the moment it leaves our facility.

33 Quality Assurance Experts at our headquarters alone


Technology That Keeps
Your Pet Food 100% Safe

We think of technology as a tool our employees can use to do their jobs better and safer. Take the microPHAZIR tool, for instance. We use it to scan ingredients for purity and quality before they ever enter our facility. And once a raw ingredient enters our front door, it’s carefully watched through our entire process. It’s an intricate tracking system that can give you peace of mind that your pet’s food is 100% safe.

99% of Purina pet food products sold in the U.S. are manufactured in our own facilities in the U.S.

Our Scale is a Strength

One misconception about pet food is that smaller companies generally have higher quality food. In fact, smaller companies often have a smaller quality assurance staff, and may not make their products in their own factories. Which means it’s harder for them to comprehensively track the quality of their ingredients and processes. 99% of Purina pet food products sold in the U.S. are manufactured in our own facilities in the U.S., under the guidance of our large quality assurance staff.


Quality Is In Everything We Do

Every day we set out to surpass our own standards. Industry standards. And, more than anything, your standards. We’re working harder than ever to earn your trust so that we can help you and your pet live many healthy, happy years together. You can count on us to help you feed your pets the best products at the right stage and for any need.