How We Ensure 100% Safe Food
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We Make Sure Quality Is The #1 Ingredient.

We meet or exceed every federal and state requirement. How so? For starters, we’ve developed a system that lets us track the ingredients in your pet’s food through every step of the manufacturing process. Some may call it demanding, but we know you’ll call it right. Because safety is our promise to you.

"We can do what's easy and cheap, or we can do what we actually do... Which is put high-quality ingredients and the best people and the best processes together to make what we feel is the best product for our consumers."

Dan, Plant Operations
4 Steps to Quality Assurance
Our People

From the moment we inspect the first ingredient to the moment it leaves our facility, we have scores of experts working everyday to make sure our methods are state-of-the-art.

Our Technology

One way we keep your pet's food 100% safe, is our Micro-PHAZIR tool, which scans ingredients for purity and quality before they even enter our facilities.

Our Scale

Being a big company allows us to employ a large quality assurance staff. Plus, we're proud to say that 99% of our pet food products made in the US, are sold in the US.

Our Standards

Every day we strive to pass not only industry standards, but your standards, too. We work hard to earn your trust so you and your pet can live many happy, healthy years together.

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