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Purina’s Mission to Create Pet-Friendly Events & Spaces

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Because Pets & People are Better Together

We’re doing more than ever to develop pet-friendly spaces and events and enrich our everyday lives.

Purina Pets On Campus

Pets On Campus

Pets can have a positive impact on college students by helping to lower stress levels, ease anxiety, promote exercise and encourage social interactions. That’s why Purina partnered with LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, to create the first-ever dog-friendly residence hall. The partnership has led to a more pet-friendly campus, overall, benefitting students, teachers and staff alike. And it provides a model program for similar efforts on additional college campuses in the future. 

Pets In The Community Purina Farms

Purina Farms

The Purina Farms Pets in the Community Program inspires a deeper understanding and appreciation of pets among pet lovers of all ages. The program, which is designed especially for schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, senior living communities and local fairs and festivals, facilitates positive interactions with pets and promotes responsible pet care. Whether it is through an amazing flying disc performance by the Purina Incredible Dog Team or a more educational meet and greet with the team, the program brings pets, adults and children together for life-enriching, memorable experiences.