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Purina Sponsors Walks at Busch Stadium

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Walk with Purina

Purina is the official sponsor of walks at Busch Stadium this season! Plus, from 3/30/23 – 10/1/23 each time a Cardinals player walks at home, Purina will donate $50 to the Petfinder Foundation, up to $15,000, to support volunteer walkers at local pet shelters.

We’re also offering Cardinals fans and their four-legged friends an opportunity to see themselves on the jumbotron at Busch Stadium!

Here’s how you could be featured:
Take a video of your dog’s pre-walk excited dance or while out on a walk and share it to Twitter or Instagram. Use #WalkWithPurina and tag @Purina and @Cardinals. The best videos will appear during pre-game festivities at each home game this year!

Benefits of Walking with Your Dog

There are so many benefits of walking with your dog—for both of you! Not only is walking good for maintaining your dog’s ideal body condition (especially when combined with a complete and balanced diet!), but it’s also great mental stimulation, too!  

A woman walking a dog

How to Address Leash Pulling & Other Behaviors

There are many benefits to walking your dog, but it can feel like a chore if your dog pulls on the leash. Let us help you problem-solve leash pulling and other behaviors so you can both enjoy your walks! 

A woman holding a dog

How to Leash Train a Puppy

Leash training a puppy is essential—both for their own safety and overall enjoyment. Get tips from our experts on how to leash train a puppy here.

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Petfinder Foundation

The Petfinder Foundation is the only national nonprofit that does nothing but give grants to animal shelters and rescues. Grants help adoption groups keep pets in their care happy, healthy and ready for their forever homes.