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Multi Care

Help Your Dog Thrive with Multi Care

Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Multi Care dog supplement is a soft chew made by experts to support your dog’s skin, immune and gut health.

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3-in-1 Support 

Multi-active blends proactively support three areas of your dog’s health in a daily, great-tasting chew.

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Expertly Formulated Gut Blend

Multi Care contains a Gut blend with psyllium, postbiotics and a probiotic for dogs to support digestive health.

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Immune System Support

The Immune blend in these dog supplements contains L-glutamine, antioxidants & a probiotic to promote a strong immune system.

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Proactive Skin Support

This skin supplement for dogs contains a Derm blend with EPA, DHA, Vitamin E, zinc and biotin to support skin health and dogs with sensitive skin.