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The Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge for Cats

cat 28 day challenge

28 Days. One Visibly Healthy Cat.

When you feed your cat Purina ONE, you could see a difference in 28 days. More than 1.7 MILLION others have accepted the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge to see a difference in their pet, from healthy energy and a shiny coat to bright eyes and strong muscles, including a healthy heart. What differences will you see?

See the Difference 28 Days Can Make


Mealtime Excitement

Starting with your cat’s first full bowl of Purina ONE dry cat food, you could see more excitement around mealtime, thanks to real meat as the #1 ingredient* and the great taste that keeps her coming back meal after meal.

*excluding Urinary Tract Health Formula

catday 7

Healthy Energy

The purposeful nutrition in every bag of Purina ONE helps support healthy energy in cats. She may want to play more often and she may be happier overall. Your cat’s vitality level may be enhanced by the high-quality, complete and balanced nutrition of Purina ONE, made with 0% fillers and 100% nutrition.

catday 14

High Digestibility

Purina ONE formulas* are highly digestible and promote high nutrient absorption, so more nutrition goes to work inside your cat and less goes to waste.

*dry formulas only 

catday 21

Bright Eyes & Shiny Coat

Look for clear, alert eyes and a healthy skin and coat, supported by the omega-6 fatty acid, vitamins & minerals provided by Purina ONE.

catday 24

Strong Immune System

Your cat’s immune system is supported by a unique antioxidant blend of vitamins E & A and minerals zinc & selenium.

catday 28 a

Strong Teeth & Healthy Gums

Crunchy kibble and calcium help support strong, healthy teeth and gums*.

*dry formulas only

catday 28 b

Strong Muscles Including a Healthy Heart

High-quality sources of protein, including real meat, help support all of your cat’s muscles, including a healthy heart*.

*dry formulas only

catday 29

Nutrition for a Lifetime

Keep feeding Purina ONE after finishing the 28 Day Challenge to continue supporting her health from tip to tail.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

If you’re not satisfied with Purina ONE cat food, we will refund your purchase price. Cut out the “Best If Used By” date box from your bag. Send within 60 days of the date on your receipt along with your original purchase receipt with the price circled, a brief explanation of why you weren’t satisfied with the product and your name and street address 
(PO Box not accepted) to:

Satisfaction Guarantee • Office of Consumer Affairs • PO Box 340 • Neenah, WI 54957 

Offer only good in USA, APOs & FPOs.

How to Switch Your Cat’s Food

It’s always best to transition your pet’s diet slowly to avoid potential stomach upset
and allow your pet’s digestive system to adjust to any new ingredients.

purina one cat switch bowl 1

Days 1-2

Introduce Purina ONE to your pet in small amounts, still feeding primarily the old food.

purina one cat switch bowl 2

Days 3-4

Feed a little bit more Purina ONE to your pet each day.

purina one cat switch bowl 3

Days 5-7

Gradually increase the amount of Purina ONE food and decrease your pet’s former food until you are feeding Purina ONE exclusively.

purina one cat switch bowl 4

Days 8-10

By now you should be feeding your pet exclusively Purina ONE.