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Tidy Cats Litter Box Tips

Our expert guide with litter-ally all the cat litter box tips you need to develop proper litter habits for happy, healthy cats.

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What Can Litter Do for Your Cat?

Cat litter is more than just box filler and it’s about more than just disposing of waste. Litter box behavior is a crucial key to understanding cats’ health and ultimately, their happiness. A good litter box experience helps encourage regular elimination patterns, which in turn promotes overall wellness.

The Scoop On Cats: Litter Box Tips & Advice

Tidy’s YouTube video series has litter box tips and tidbits to help your cat live their best life, in and out of the litter box.

Litter 101: How to use a Cat Litter Box

Whether you’re a new cat parent or a veteran to the litter world, a little refresher on cat litter basics can keep things feeling (and smelling) fresh. Get the must-know cat litter information below or check out more in-depth facts on Litter Do’s and Don’ts.

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How much litter?

Make sure litter boxes are filled with around 3-4 inches of litter in order to maximize performance and cat comfort. 2-3 inches for non-clumping and 3-4 inches for clumping should do the trick.

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How many litter boxes?

It’s important that cats have their space! That’s why we suggest one more litter box than the number of cats you have to ensure cats are happy and comfy.

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Where to put the litter box?

Litter box placement is key to making sure your cat is as happy as they can be when they have to go. Place it in a room your cat enjoys (ideally someplace spacious, easy to access, and separate from their food)

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How often to clean the litter box?

Cats prefer a clean area to do their business. If you’re using clumping litter, scoop and toss clumps every day. And every other week or so, change the litter completely and wipe the box down with soap and water to keep things fresh.

Understanding litter box behavior

Understanding Litter Box Behavior

Cats may act quirky in the litter box, but did you know that they could be trying to tell us something with their actions? Tidy can teach you to “Speak Cat” to find out more about these behaviors and what they mean.

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Pick the Best Litter for Your Cat

Need some help deciding which type of litter is best for you and your cat? Tidy’s got you covered with many different types of cat litter, including clumping, LightWeight, Natural and more. Check out our Litter Selector to find your perfect match!

Common Cat Litter Questions

You’ve got questions…Tidy’s got answers. We’ve been in the litter box (so to speak) over 70 years so we know a thing or two about cat care. Believe it or not, lots of cat parents are wondering the same things you are, like, Why does my cat “go” outside the litter box?, How do I train a kitten to use the litter box? and Why do cats spray, and how do I stop it?
Find answers to these questions and more, in the Tidy FAQ’s.

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Dig Deeper into Litter

Have a few more questions, but cat got your tongue? Browse through some of these resources to learn more top tips about caring for your furry friends.

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But Wait... There’s More!

Just can’t get enough when it comes to litter? Tidy’s got even more info to help you in your quest to do your litter best.

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