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70 Years of Litter Expertise

With all that time in the litter business, Tidy knows how to handle your cat’s, well, business. In fact, Tidy’s entire history began when Ed Lowe invented litter in 1947—and we haven’t stopped reinventing since. Take a trip down Litter Lane and track Tidy’s smart litter solutions from day one through today.

1947 Kitty Litter

The One That Started It All

Chapter 1 starts with an ashy litter box, sooty paw prints and a frustrated cat owner. Enter Ed Lowe, an inventive entrepreneur. He decided that absorbent clay would do just the trick. The new material was soon named “Kitty Litter,” lovingly packaged in 5-pound bags and sold to the public.

1954 Tidy Cat

A New Kitty Litter on the Block

Ed Lowe’s clay-based invention had cat owners everywhere rejoicing and Kitty Litter quickly reached national distribution. In 1954, Ed introduced a new brand of cat-box-filler, which was sold exclusively in supermarkets. The name? Tidy Cat®. And the rest, as they say, is hisssstory.

The art of the scoop from Tidy Cats

The Art of the Scoop

As you can probably guess, Tidy Scoop was Tidy’s first foray into scoopable litter. The magic of Tidy Scoop? Waste was trapped into tiny clumps—which meant super easy scooping…and super happy cat owners.

Breeze was introduced in 2008

Your All-in-One Litter Solution

Breeze changed the game by pairing the power of anti-tracking pellets with the force of odor-absorbing pads—all in one complete and convenient system. It keeps litter as simple as it should be, while making odor control a Breeze.  

LightWeight Tidy Cats litter was introduced in 2013

Litter You Can Lift

LightWeight put a swift end to “bend with your knees” litter forever. This lighter litter packs a heavy punch when it comes to odor control and makes carrying, pouring and storing easier than ever.

Naturally Strong by Tidy Cats was launched in 2019

A Natural-Born Innovation

Tidy’s FIRST all-natural clay clumping cat litter has supernatural odor-fighting abilities in both Unscented and Clean Lemongrass options—and the innovation doesn’t end there! The Naturally Strong jugs contain 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, which is just one more way Tidy is helping the environment.

ting with commitments toward 100% recyclable or recycle ready packaging, and 100% renewable electricity in our factories by 2025

An Eco-Friendly Future

Tidy’s eyes are on the future and we’re starting with commitments toward 100% recyclable or recycle ready packaging, and 100% renewable electricity in our factories by 2025. We’re focused on quality litter and green innovations for a safe and healthy environment, and we’re always improving. Here’s to 2022 and beyond.

Tidy Cats Tidy Care

Putting Cats’ Needs First

Tidy Care represents the pinnacle of our desire to put cats’ needs (and wants) first. These cat-centric litters were designed through rigorous testing for maximum cat approval, ushering in a new era of comfort for all cat-kind.

cat wearing goggles

Tidy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Reinventing

What could possibly be next, you ask? Well, our cat scientists at the Tidy Lab are always chasing smart litter solutions. Combining our cat litter expertise with everything we learn from you, Tidy looks forward to introducing litters that fit you and your cat’s unique needs.

Tidy Cats litter products

Every Home, Every Cat, There’s a Tidy Cats for That

Ready to find the innovation that works best in your household? Let Tidy pair you up with the perfect litter.

Historical imagery is courtesy of the Edward Lowe foundation.