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Solving the world’s problems one litter granule at a time.

Tidy Cats Max

Cat-first Innovation

Our Tidy Care cat litters are chock-full of innovation that puts your cat’s needs first. Everything they want, and everything you need to provide them quality care.

LightWeight Tidy Cats litter

Unbelievably Light Litter That Works

Once you lift it, you'll realize just how amazing Tidy Cats® LightWeight really is. At just half the weight of the leading clumping litter, it makes every aspect of your litter life easier. Oh, did Tidy mention it also stops ammonia odor for two weeks? And that's guaranteed (when used as directed).

Breeze litter systems

It's Odor Control Down to a System

Say hello to an easier litter routine with the Breeze all-in-one litter system! The odor-absorbing pads deliver outstanding odor control, while the anti-tracking pellets make for simple cleanup. (Say it with Tidy: Oh. Yeah.)

Naturally strong cat litter products

Natural Cat Litter Coming in Strong

It's 100% natural! It's 100% powerful! It's the best of both worlds! Naturally Strong is an all-natural cat litter made from simple ingredients for powerful results.

Tidy Max

Odor Control To The Max

Ammonia blocker for outstanding odor protection and absorbent Power Pieces® for moisture control. Yeah, you could say Tidy “nose” best. (Pun most certainly intended.)

Tidy Cats naturally strong cat litter

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Tidy Cats is the brand most often recommended and personally used by veterinarians. With options for every home and every cat, and outstanding odor control it's no wonder why cat experts keep things TIDY. Vet recommended; cat approved.

Get the Scoop on Cat Tricks and Tips

From the basics to the gritty details, Tidy’s got the scoop on litter. Turn your “uh-ohs” into “ah-has” with helpful tips and interesting info regarding your cat’s most private (and sometimes most puzzling) behavior.

Tidy Cats litter products

Find The Perfect Litter

Choosing the right litter for you is a science. Well, it was before we invented the Litter Selector.

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