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Introducing Tidy Care Comfort

Cats are at the center of everything Tidy Cats creates and Comfort is at the heart of what cats want and need.

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Cats First, Always

Proper litter box use is key to promoting your cat’s health, wellness, and happiness. For years, our team of cat behaviorists, scientists and veterinarians have been investigating how to keep cats returning to the litter box. So to get the full scoop (ahem) we turned to the real experts: real cats! Our research provided better understanding of what makes an optimal litter box
experience and led to the development of Tidy Care Comfort.

Check Out Tidy Care Comfort

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Comfy Cats, Happy Homes

Cats (and the people who love them) are wild about Comfort. Learn how Tidy Care is bringing next-level comfort to litter boxes everywhere.

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My cats and I love it

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"Prior to trying this new litter she was starting to refuse to use her litter box...this litter is the only one we've found that encourages her to use the litter box again. Thanks Tidy Cats for making our little diva's life better - and ours too!"

- Keira R.

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Works well

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"My cat has not peed outside of the box a single time since we began using the Tidy Care litter. She used to go outside the box several times per week!"

- Cynthia B.

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Amazing Cat Litter!

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"I was kind of skeptical at first since my cat is really picky with cat litter. He absolutely loved it...Definitely my new forever product to use."

- Christina C.

Cats Chose. We Listened.

Cats Chose. We Listened.

Cats are nothing if not selective; when given a choice, cats showed an overwhelming preference for smaller litter granules. They also clearly favored a bright, natural fragrance over the other leading cat litter fragrance. Tidy Care Comfort delivers the convenience (and strength!) of clay clumping litter in a cat-preferred granule size* and cat-selected scent.
*compared to the leading clumping litter

Available in unscented or Bright & natural Cat-selected scent

Available in Unscented or Bright & Natural Cat-selected Scent

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Smaller Granules for a Cat-preferred Paw Feel*
*Compared to the Leading Clumping Litter

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Tight, Flat Clumps Scoop Easily

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Low Dust for Happy Cats & Humans

Tidy Cats Tidy Care Comfort cat litter

Bring Comfort Home

Tidy is all about cats and all about options. Tidy Care Comfort is available in scented or unscented to satisfy even the choosiest of creatures.

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What Is Your Cat’s Behavior Saying?

While humans haven’t cracked the code on what every meow means, Tidy knows cats’ litter box behaviors can teach us a lot about what they need. Check out our guide to interpreting your cats’ signs.