We Believe Pets & People are Better Together
Exploring Together

With pets, we can begin adventures, explore new places and find meaning everywhere.

We sat down with "America's veterinarian." Dr. Marty Becker, to get his take on how to be the best pet owner possible with some practical suggestions for keeping pets happy and healthy throughout their lives.
"I'd be a fool not to go up into these mountains and see what's there,” Stephen Simmons said to himself after moving his whole life across the country to Grants Pass, Oregon in 2012...
Are you inspired to take your pet on more adventures? Heading out into the world and exploring together will be stimulating for both of you, and give you more chances to bond.
Inspiring Creativity

Our love of our pets inspires us to live more creative lives.

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, there are many reasons why you’re ahead of the game when it comes to taking pictures of your pets.
For the Becker family, finding ways to be creative every day isn’t a problem. Why? Their love for one another (and their Newfoundlands), keeps this Navy family tight knit and constantly having fun with their camera.
For creative people, inspiration comes from all kinds of places. For some, like graphic designer Kady Lone, it comes from cats. She and her cat Pudge are inseparable – where Kady goes, Pudge goes.
Pets inspire creativity every day at Purina. Just look at Industrial Designer Kisun and her dog Munji.
Breaking Barriers

With pets, we can push limits, defy misconceptions and achieve more.

When Sami Stoner discovered running back in 2008, she had no idea she was going to become legally blind before entering high school. She also had no idea that she was about to gain a new best friend, rally a community and rewrite the cross-country running rule book.
For some people, bringing a pet to work is a privilege worth fighting for. For Jamey Erickson, a “no pets allowed” policy ended up being less of a barrier than it seemed.
Purina Farms trainer Tracy Custer spends her days working with her team of dogs — most of whom come from shelters — putting on shows for busloads of visitors who’ve come to see high-flying canines do things like...
How We're Living Better Together
$19,000,000+ invested across our company in 2014, in pet welfare and pet communities. 

We donated nearly 6 million pounds – $19 million in retail value – of purina pet food, treats and litter to more than 940 animal welfare organizations in the U.S. in 2014.

Adopt a Pet

We're the premier sponsor of this non-profit website dedicated to finding homes for homeless pets.


We've joined forces with Petfinder, a directory of adoptable pets that has led to 23 million adoptions since 1996.

STL Petlover Coalition

We work closely with this organization in our own neighborhood to provide ideas and bring initiatives to life.

Shelter Champions
Purina Shelter Champions

Purina Shelter Champions is a community of more than 6,000 pet welfare organizations across the country.

Rally to Rescue
Rally to Rescue

Purina® Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® helps small rescue groups get the funding, awareness and support they need.

Shelter Network
Purina One Shelter Network

Purina ONE® partners with 17 shelters across the nation, feeding all the pets that pass through their doors.