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Meeting your pet is just the beginning. Staying together creates a story. That’s why Purina finds ways for pets to stay right where they belong—by your side. Read how we’re helping pets and people live their best life together.

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St. Louis Children's Hospital
Purina + St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Time spent in a hospital is often time spent away from everything familiar and comforting. But it doesn’t have to be. St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Purina partnered to create their vision for a place where family pets could visit their hospital-bound kids. The fourth family pet center in the world opened its doors in 2016. Today the Purina Family Pet Center helps children heal.  Because being united with your best friend as you receive care can be transformative.



Purina + PetFinder

Adoption is something to celebrate. In 2016, PetFinder experienced the joy of placing 1.7 million cats and dogs into homes, but that’s just the beginning. Shelters across North America have 7.8 million opportunities to complete families. Only over half of those cats and dogs are welcomed into homes. It’s a gap full of possibilities. Purina and PetFinder—the largest online database of adoptable pets—aim to unite every adoptable pet with what they deserve—a future and a loving family.

Purina + URIPALS
Purina + URIPALS

Adults, children, and pets in an abusive home all need protection. But most shelters cannot take in pets, so often victims stay in order to not leave their pet behind. But it’s a choice no one should have to make. That’s why Urban Resource Institute’s People and Animals Living Safely program and Purina created a new model of domestic violence shelters that is the first of its kind.  Once in the URIPALS program, whole families—pets included—rehabilitate and start a new, safe future. As of September 2017, 74 families and 106 pets have begun a new future together. Because seeking sanctuary shouldn’t mean saying goodbye.

Rescue Bank
Purina + Rescue Bank

Navigating tragedy well takes expertise and resources. That’s why Purina relies on Rescue Bank as our partner in providing disaster relief. After Hurricane Harvey made landfall, people and pets in the affected area needed help, quickly. Devastation grew as multiple storms hit—Harvey, Irma and Maria—Purina and Rescue Bank got to work. Together we kept pets safe by feeding 210,000 pounds of food, providing 80,000 pounds of litter, donating over $50,000 and even relocating them out of harm’s way.

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