Cat Chat: More Than Just Meows

Cat Chow More Than Just Meows

Find Out About All Your Cat's Meows, Snarls, Screams, and Chirps

Some cats are particularly chatty and seem to meow a lot. But meows aren’t the only sounds a cat can use to express himself—he can actually employ dozens of different vocalizations to communicate with other cats. And with us.

In addition to meowing, cats can also snarl, scream and even chirp. Snarls are emitted when your cat is being aggressive, and screams typically express pain. Chirping can occur when your cat sees potential prey, like a bird outside the window. Kittens rely on different vocalizations, too, including a wail that signals distress.

The main reasons cats vocalize, however, is to get your attention. Your cat might mew when he wants to go out, smells you opening a can of tuna fish, or wants to jump up into your lap. And while some cats naturally meow more than others, if your cat vocalizes excessively, he or she may be trying to express an ongoing distress—consult your veterinarian.

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