Why is My Cat Side Chewing?

Updated: 12/21/20231-2 minutes
Black and white cat with a bowl

Side Chewing 

You may notice your cat eating with the side of her mouth, and feel concerned about why that might be. The good news is there is actually nothing to worry about.

When a cat is chewing her food, especially larger pieces of food, with her back teeth, she will often turn her head in a contorted way. Some people interpret this as the cat having difficulty chewing and fear the cat may choke. 

Tip 1

Don't discourage side-chewing. In reality, it's just the cat using the best teeth for the job. 

Tip 2

This technique lets her use her entire mouth to chew, while allowing her to enjoy different textures and helping to clean her molars.

Remember - cats eat differently than people do. The more you can understand your cat, the more you can give her the care she needs.

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