Are Dogs Good for Kids?

Children and Dogs

Dogs Can Improve Your Child’s Quality of Life

If you have a dog, you already know how he increases your quality of life. Dogs are incredible family members, and not just because they’re fun. Owning a dog can also be beneficial for children.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

Dog ownership can teach children about responsibility, help them process their feelings and improve their health.

Take a look at the following list of benefits children can receive from having a dog in their life:

  • Teaching kids to care for a puppy can make them more cooperative and generous.
  • When kids imagine how a dog feels, it helps them learn to empathize with their peers and take their feelings into account.
  • Teaching children to confide in their dogs as if they were friends can help children recover from trauma.
  • Children who own dogs can have higher self-esteem.
  • Children who grow up with a dog are less likely to develop allergies.
  • Kids who own dogs may experience fewer sick days.

The presence of a dog in your child’s life can set them up for a happy and healthy childhood.

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