Senior Dog Articles

Senior Dog Articles

As dogs get older, their nutritional needs, health and activity levels change. Choosing the right senior dog food and knowing how to care for your dog as he ages can help keep him active and healthy through the rest of his life. Learn more about caring for your senior dog from our experts in the articles below.

Featured Senior Dog Articles

Senior Dog
It's important to keep your senior dog active and healthy with exercise, nutrition and mental stimulation. Learn how you can help your older dog live a long, healthy life.
Feeding Older Dogs
As your dog gets older, his dietary needs will start to change. Learn when you should consider switching to a senior dog food by knowing what to look for.
Senior dogs eating purina healthy aging dog food
As dogs age, they may gain weight or experience reduced mobility. Feeding a senior dog food can help your dog continue to live life to the fullest. Learn about the benefits of senior formulas here.

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