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Whether you have a dog, cat or both, our experts are here with all the information and tips you need. In the articles below, we cover dog and cat health, nutrition, behavior, training and more.

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Your cat may love canned food as a treat, but should you incorporate it into her daily diet? According to Purina experts, as long as her food is 100 percent complete and balanced, cats can do well on dry or wet food alone. Our experts stress, however, there are many benefits of including it in your kitty’s diet.
Can dogs have carrots? Purina experts say yes, but as with any treat, be mindful with how much you’re feeding your dog. Our experts explain how to treat your dog to this tasty vegetable to avoid digestive upset or other problems. Find out more here.
Should your dog eat three meals a day like you or does he need to eat more or less frequently? The answer depends on several factors. To find out how often you should feed your dog and how to create a feeding schedule, click here.

Everywhere; we like them as much as you do! Here are a couple of key places to look, though.
We're so pleased you asked. You (and your pet - because you can bring him to work) should take a look at the opportunities on our site and sign up to get notifications about them.
From North America, of course! The large majority of our corn is sourced right here in the U.S.
We have a lot of quality and safety protocols built into each step of production, from ingredient sourcing to final product tracking. Seriously, a lot.
Dogs need structured schedules with set feeding times and potty areas all their own.
Every cat is different, but petting aggression is not uncommon. It is possible that you’re giving your cat too much affection.
Cats are instinctually predatory, so biting and scratching habits have to be discouraged from their kitten days. Be gentle and deliberate when training.
When does your kitten fancy herself an attack cat? When she wakes up? At night? The first step to handling bad behavior is identifying patterns.
Classic puppy phase. He's probably seeking attention, feeling anxious or just getting bored. We have a couple solutions.
Ah yes, Social Etiquette for Puppies 101. Mouthing and biting is how puppies play, but when their littermates aren’t giving them feedback, you have to.
Of course! With a simple equation, single word instructions, regular schedules and ample playtime, we can help you give your puppy a space all his own.
Following the guidelines on product packaging can help develop a plan for portioning and scheduling, which helps healthy weight maintenance.