Cat Chow® Supports Therapy Cats & Seniors

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Cat Chow has always been a believer in the emotional and therapeutic benefits of cats. And this year, we are focused on connecting therapy cats with older adults who are struggling with social isolation.


Why Being Lonely is a Big Problem

Research shows the most serious disease for older persons is not cancer or heart disease — it’s loneliness. Social isolation and loneliness significantly increase a person’s risk of premature death from all causes and are associated with a slew of health risks including dementia, heart disease, stroke, and more.

Social isolation is associated with…

50% increased risk of dementia
29% increased risk of heart disease
32% increased risk of stroke

In addition, the older one gets, the more likely they are to be lonely and socially isolated. Over 33% of adults over 45 feel lonely. And 1 in 4 persons 65 and older are classified as socially isolated.

cat laying on back and getting his chin scratched

The Benefits of a Cat Companion

Research shows that time spent with cats can help improve humans’ mental AND physical health. In the case of senior citizens, just 15 minutes bonding with an animal sets off a chemical chain reaction in the brain and can lower the human’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels.  Over the long term, the benefits are even more substantial — with cat interactions helping to fight depression, lower cholesterol levels, protect against heart disease and stroke, and more.

At Cat Chow, we want to help older adults who are struggling with loneliness by making therapy cats more accessible. But we need your help.

Buy a Bag of Cat Chow. Help Share Therapy Cats with Those in Need.

For every purchase of Cat Chow Complete made during the month of May, Cat Chow will donate $.02 (up to $25,000) to Pet Partners to help more individuals in need experience the companionship and therapeutic benefits of cats.

Where to Buy Cat Chow Complete

elderly woman smiling while watching cat therapy on her laptop

Virtual Therapy Cat Visits Available for Seniors

In partnership with the Institute on Aging, Cat Chow is offering a free virtual therapy cat visit for eligible seniors during the month of May — in honor of Mental Health Awareness month.


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