October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Nearly half of all domestic abuse victims delay leaving because they don’t want
to leave their pet behind, yet as few as 10% of domestic violence shelters accept pets.
The Purple Leash Project is working to change that.

Cat Parents Have Spoken

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Cat Chow Gentle Formula
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Problem solver

"This is the best food I have ever fed my cats. I had one with skin issues...problem solved. No she's to upset her stomach! One who three..."

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Cat Chow Indoor Cat
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"Hands down the best indoor formula kity food available! Our cat loves it and has for years."

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Cat Chow Mainline Cat Food

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Average cat weight is a myth. It’s impossible to identify an average weight for all cats, and weight ranges are so broad, your cat could easily fall within that range and still be overweight. Find out a better weight to determine your cat’s ideal body condition here.
Human Food for Cats
Before you feed your cat human food, consider these facts about cat nutrition
How much to feed a cat? List image
Really, how much to feed a cat depends on your cat. Things like the type of food you feed, your cat’s age and her lifestyle are all important factors. Keep reading to learn what you can do to determine how much food your cat should eat each day.
Help Cats Thrive
From her immune system to her teeth, learn what your cat requires as necessary in her food.