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Feed Your Cat’s Personality

Curious, zoomie, snuggly, funny… Within your favorite furry friend lives a ton of character. Which huge personality is your cat?



Explorer cat peeking out from a box over a pink background

The “Explorer”

Going where no cat has gone before, like up the curtains, into any hole they can find, and to the top of the refrigerator. Listen closely and that faint “meow” you hear is undoubtedly the Explorer stuck on the highest shelf behind the closed pantry door.

Orange tabby cat in mid-pounce over a blue background

The “Pouncer”

Voted most likely to have the zoomies, the Pouncer has never met a fly she didn’t want to catch. She can most often be heard running somewhere in your home before being seen as a blur rocketing through the room.

Fluffy cat standing like a diva over an orange background

The “Diva”

Is she tired, bored, or simply being snobby? It’s impawssible to tell. And if you ask her, she won’t even acknowledge the question. The Diva has fine (aka picky) tastes and chooses to only socialize with people who are not you.

Silly Goose cat reaching up with its paws over a teal background

The “Silly Goose”

Always unpredictable and continuously entertaining, the Silly Goose is a jester who makes you question whether they’re actually even a cat. Signs your cat may be the Silly Goose include chasing their tail, slouching like a human, and sleeping on your face.

Take Our Cat Personality Quiz

A.  Cool 

B.  Want to go grab some food? 

C.  [no reply] 


A.  In the window 

B.  Looking down on everyone from high up 

C.  Inches from my face 

D.  In a bag or box 

A.  Fish 

B.  Beef 

C.  Chicken 

D.  Food 

A.  Keep sleeping 

B.  Come running 

C.  Glare 

D.  Meow back 

A.  Tries to run out 

B.  Keeps an eye on them but doesn’t approach 

C.  Greets them with a leg rub 

D.  Runs and hides 

A.  When life gives you lemons, knock them off the table. 

B.  ABC – Always Be Chasing 

C.  Seize the day! …with a nap. 

D.  Eat every day like it’s your last. 

A – your cat is the Explorer 

B – your cat is the Pouncer  

C – your cat is the Diva 

D – your cat is the Silly Goose  

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