Purina® Pro Plan® Innovations: Food for Active Dogs

Purina® Pro Plan® Innovations: Food for Active Dogs

Give Your Active Dog Nutrition that Performs

Purina® Pro Plan® has two exciting innovations that take nutrition for active dogs to the next level: the SPORT® PRiME™ and ReFUEL™ Nutritional Supplement Bars. These bars provide a great way to help fuel your high-energy dog before and after activity, perfect for everything from your daily jogs to intense canine athletics.          

Now, dogs have similar options to human athletes when it comes to preparing for and replenishing after athletic activities.

PRiME: Pre-Exercise Fuel for Your Canine Athlete

“The PRiME bar is going to provide what your dog needs during exercise,” said Purina’s Arleigh Reynolds, D.V.M., PhD., and back-to-back dog racing world champion.

Thirty minutes prior to exercising with your dog, feed him Purina® Pro Plan®’s PRiME™ Bar, made with fast proteins, real beef, and a taste dogs love. These nutritional supplement bars help keep muscles strong during activity.

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ReFUEL: Post-Exercise Nourishment for Recovery  

The Purina Pro Plan ReFUEL™ Bar helps reduce recovery time and promote muscle rebuilding after exercise. By feeding the ReFUEL bar within 30 minutes after completion of exercise, you can help get your dog back to peak performance faster. 

Our Innovative Products are the Future of Dog Nutrition

Canine athletics expert Reynolds put it best: “At Purina® Pro Plan®, we are passionate about dogs and we’ve taken that passion and put it into these products to help your dogs meet their full potential, no matter what you do.”

Now get out there and have some fun with your canine athlete!