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The canine cognition podcast. Brought to you by Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND®.

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About The Series

Canines and humans are not only connected by companionship, we’re also evolutionarily linked and tied together by our brains. Join canine expert Dr. Brian Hare as he takes a peek into the inner workings of a dog’s brain through the lens of human cognition. With a mix of upbeat stories and informative interviews from leading scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, veterinarians, and dog owners, Dr. Hare tackles questions of memory, word learning, nutrition, and even love.

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Meet The Host

Canine and cognition expert, Dr. Brian Hare, is also the Chief Science Officer and co-creator of the Dognition® Assessment: interactive games and expert analyses that gives owners an unprecedented perspective on how their dogs see the world.


EP.01: Memory Master

Memory is a powerful part of cognition, and just like in humans, there are different kinds of memory in dogs. This episode takes a deeper look into the memory of man’s best friend.

EP.02: Internal Compass

Do some dogs have a built-in GPS? Learn how dogs navigate the world and why some dogs get lost when others always manage to find their way home.

EP.03: Empathy

Explore the social bond between you and your dog and learn more about how they can physiologically win over our hearts.

EP.04: On Point

Do you talk to your dog? Do you ever wonder if they actually understand what you are saying? In this episode, Dr. Hare discusses how much our dogs actually comprehend.

EP.05: The Bright Mind Effect

Canine cognition experts along with Purina® nutritionists discuss the research and nutrition behind the breakthrough innovation of Purina® Pro Plan® Bright Mind® Adult 7+ and how it helps support the cognitive health in dogs age 7 and older.

EP.06: Get To Work

Dogs have more jobs now than ever before. In this episode, Dr. Hare speaks with several experts in the field of working and therapeutic dogs, and concludes that our furry friends have a rare and unique ability—plus the desire to work—to be our best friends.


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Nutrition can positively impact a dog's cognitive health and help him reach his full potential.